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Dust Control Water

Dust suppression sprayers knock dust down before it's ever kicked up into the air so there's never a dust cloud blowing into your house when the sweeper drives by


Reliable Scheduling

Simple, reliable, and efficient scheduling procedures means that your sweeper will always show up on your scheduled sweep day.  No more wondering if the sweeper is going to show up.  
We'll be there. We guarantee it.

100% Environmentally Compliant & Fully Insured

The ONLY sweeping company in Southern California operating 2016 Fully Compliant Sweepers.

Not Sure if your vendor is compliant?


Always Thorough & Monitored

With state-of-the-art GPS tracking, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that all your streets are getting the attention they need.  Plus no more speeding problems because we're notified if our sweeper ever goes over the speed limit. 
These are the sweepers you want in your neighborhood.
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The Right Sweeper for Every Job


Small Sweepers

Perfect for Mobile Home Parks and Apartment Communities


Full Size Sweepers

For Large HOAs and Gated Communities

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